I have had extensive experience with psychic and spiritual healers, and am pretty aware of most advanced healing techniques. I hit an issue that stymied me, causing great upset. I went to Woo Du-An and had the most remarkable experience with his powerful direct healing processes. The impact of Woo’s work still expands in me in ways that are joyful and delightful. I recommend him to you if you are facing intractable physical or emotional challenges.

Stuart A. Lichtman – Master Coach, founder of Cybernetic Transposition Seminars


Two years ago I developed a hypersensitivity to sulphur, necessary for the health of every cell  in the body  and contained in most classes of food.  During that time I saw a wide array of doctors and health practitioners whose advice not only didn’t address the condition, but actually exacerbated it!  Because I’d lost the ability to digest most vegetables and proteins without becoming ill, my weight dropped to a dangerous level, my immune system was weak, and my stomach hurt most of the time.  Rob Woo’s work with me directly led to my recovery from what could have been a life threatening condition.  I can eat and assimilate almost all foods now, and am grateful to have my life back!

Jill Whitesides – Producer, Director of Audio Books


His healing talent has made for tremendous change in my life.  I’ve gained enduring peace from old wounds, have enjoyed a stronger sense of inner-self and discovered an unexpected, but deeply fulfilling path in life.  His mentorship opened my heart and eyes to a new potential within me that I hadn’t considered previously.  Rob’s gift is a Godsend and his willingness to reach in and take a risk on me has forever lifted my life into greater joy, wholeness and satisfaction.  Rob Woo rocks!

Marshall Butchner – Executive


You are a guide and healer.  It’s not just your psychic abilities, but also your humor, insight, thoughtfulness, and especially the comfort you spread by accepting others’ less noble parts without judgment. That’s a sigh from the soul.  Your ability to relate, especially the more vulnerable parts of yourself, is a bridge to others’ soft spots which need the most healing. You know people and yourself.  It’s a big honor for me to connect with your level of focus and attention.

Rachel Taylor – Kismet Pet Care


Rob facilitated and translated what occurred in my healing into a mythic journey were I met Archetypal guides and allies.  These images and ideas, which are rooted in my body, continue to aid me as I go forward in my life as a more empowered and whole man. The gift to me is that I now welcome abundance and opportunity with a feeling of lightness rather than fear. Thanks Rob!

Robb Boswell – Musician Songwriter Educator


Amazing but at the same time, I am not surprised. You have always had that healing effect , and I don’t say that lightly. You will truly make a difference to those people you touch/treat.  A very special gift/energy …..

Kathryn Shaw MD – Ob/Gyn


Woo has healed and guided me through the deepest challenges of my life. I had emotional, neurological, and hormonal issues that were keeping me in a constant state of overwhelm, terror, and rage, and my medications were not helping at all. I had been too numerous Doctors and was undergoing therapy. I was very overweight and had cysts that were both a result and cause of some of my problems. Rob went back into my history of child abuse and rape, and was able to heal what had gotten trapped in my body and mind  from those experiences. He helped me use every aspect of my past experiences  and the challenges of my healing to grow into an understanding of myself, God,  and the purpose of my life, and to love myself. He’s taught me incredibly uselful tools to help me get through my hardest times, and often just directly took away what I just couldn’t shake. I’ve lost forty pounds, and I have me again! I’m moving forward in my life and have the courage and clarity for a major career change. And my cysts disappeared!  I’m so, so grateful that I found Woo and listened to my instincts to work with him. I’ve learned so much about what’s real and what’s not real, and the learning is inside me.

Name Confidential – Lawyer, Advocate for Special Needs Children


You have rare and precious insight and have shed God’s light on my life more times than I can count! Your patients are blessed as I have been, to have such a warm and wise spirit guiding them.

Russell Robinson – Professor of entertainment law – University of California in Los Angeles.


I had a crippling condition with intense pain, depression, and exhaustion, where I lost months of time barely able to move. My body hurt all over.  I was unable to do the things that meant the most to me, and I feared that I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I wanted in my life. I went to a number of doctors and specialists without any real satisfaction. Through Woo’s work I recovered completely. He helped me find and clear hidden memories, unreleased traumatic conditions that would waylay me over and over. And he helped to heal the physical conditions that I had been keeping those in place. I am so grateful for what Woo has done for me. Not only do I have my life back, but my dreams are coming true, and I’m strong enough to follow through on them!

Jorgen Kristian (Sweden)


I feel eternally grateful to Rob Woo. He healed childhood wounds that had burdened me most of my life and which I had tried in so many ways to remove over many years. It is impossible to describe the feeling of total trust and peace and the loving warmth and depth that emanates from Rob as he focuses his profound healing powers. He not only finds the causes, but finds the way to heal them.

Belinda Back (Australia)


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