Directions to Woo’s

The address is 204 Castle View which is just under 5 miles up the Frying Pan Road from Basalt.

Directions to 204 Castle View Drive:

In Basalt at the downtown 4 way stop at the intersection of Two Rivers and Midland going towards Ruedi Reservoir,

• Stay straight on Midland and at the end of the little downtown area the road becomes the Frying Pan Road. Continue up the Frying Pan Road. It will go up into the mountains.

• After about 4.5 miles you’ll get into the Seven Castles area which has big red cliffs and houses.

•  Key Marker: On the right about 4.7 miles out of Basalt watch for a yellow double sign, one of which has a bicycle symbol, below which it says “5 Miles

• The road will then curve left.

•  Just when the road straightens before curving right, there will be a dirt road on the left. Turn left onto this dirt road.

•  This dirt road is Castle View Drive. There will be 5 mailboxes on the left, and a large funky log thing at beginning of the road about 7 feet high with a horizontal cross piece that used to say Castle View.  

 • Go up the road till you’re close to the hill and make a 90 degree left  – here the only other choice is to bear right and go up our neighbor’s driveway. 204 is the last house at the Northwest corner of the development.  3 story with a deck on the 2nd

• Park and just go on in the front door. Where we’ll be working is just down the little hall and to the left. You don’t have to knock.