• Compassionate guidance and support
  • Emotional and physical healing
  • Enhance strength, health and peace
  • Energetic, chi, and channeled healing
  • Growing and establishing beneficial traits
  • Clarifying your life direction
  • Mindfulness and meditation training
  • Positive Neuroplasticity Training

“My time with Robert Woo (Woo Du-An) was exceptional. I’ve always been skeptical of remote sessions because it is not the same experience as being in person – it potentially impacts the flow and depth of the conversation by limiting observation of nonverbal cues that are often key in developing a personal connection. I was incredibly pleased that this was not the case. After only a few minutes I was exceptionally comfortable, like we had somehow already known each other for years. This allowed for authentic and intimate conversation that led to profound insight and self-discovery in ways that I had never anticipated. His approach and skill defy any boundary of format or geography such that every client’s experience will exceed their expectations. He is an empathic sage who has forever captured a part of my heart and my soul, and I am eternally grateful. No one’s circumstances are hopeless – I guarantee he will help you. So as you close your eyes, exhale, and push the button to contact him, you will instantly feel a peace and calm wash over you because you have just unlocked the door to transforming your whole life.”

Bethany Anne Kramer

Doctor of Medical Science

Healing with Woo

I recommend to people that if they work with me to just come open to see what will show up. Expectation often gets in the way of discovery. There’s not really a simple formulaic description of what I do. One description is that in the contract of working together I go into a non-ordinary reality where, if permitted and appropriate, I share to some degree the body and memories of the person I’m working with, and sometimes can provide useful guidance and healing in that awareness. Usually things only show up if they’re pertinent to what is going on in that person’s life and progression. The work ranges from conversation and insightful guidance with a dose of spiritual and psychic abilities, to direct energetic work to facilitate the mobility of frozen energy, whether neurological, emotional, or physical. Essentially I act as a timely tool to heal and to guide.

Often what comes up helps to clarify the gateways of growth, healing, wisdom and transformation that are at hand; understanding what is actually going on, and ways to work more directly with the soul purpose of where you are in this moment of your life. When I feel it’s appropriate I will sometimes do the “heavy lifting” to help clear a negativity off someone, or to help them cross a bridge that they’re ready to cross. But I’m very much a teacher also, and I’m careful that the person that I’m working with be the master of their own life and spirit. But really it’s all just words. I suggest that if you’re inquiring about working with me, rather than get caught up in reasons, check with your heart and instincts.

My Approach

I provide a range of practices, tools, and experience in areas ranging from insightful reflection, pragmatic coaching, psychological and mind/body practices, including positive neuroplasticity training, to the stranger areas of energetic healing, psychic and medical intuition, and an unconditional, loving presence that helps it all work.  

Many of us have post traumatic stress to some degree, cell level memories that influence how we interpret and react to events. And yet, when we feel uncomfortable and threatened, this means that the pain hidden within the unconscious is revealing itself. The presence of hurt provides opportunities to heal. I’m devoted to helping people bring warmth and mobility to those ancient wounds, to become more skillful at having a sweet life.

I’m interested in building beneficial strengths at the root of our vulnerabilities –  practices that help us to develop a more innately secure foundation where we are most tender and shaky. How I prefer to see life is that fundamentally we are here to grow in awareness, and loving – to become whole. Most of us have sought our growth to “solve problems.” There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s natural and life is always changing and often challenging. But the consciousness that we’re also here to establish is not just about “solving problems.” It’s where we become the peace, the loving, and the security that can’t be lost at every shaking of the tree.

My Teachings

The foundation of everything I teach is to help people regain that level of connection. It’s the ground of wisdom that informs all the other means we use to  survive, and more than survive, to expand and thrive.

If there is anything that would be worthwhile and useful in working with me, it might be about stepping beyond the definitions of how you think you should be, to inhabit the center of who you really are, and receiving grace as the very air you breath. Procrastination usually comes with some deep fear and grief, and a habit of measuring oneself in way that becomes more of a burden than is bearable.

I’m good at helping people go beyond the edge of what they even thought was an edge.

National and International Clients

For those who will be working with me by phone, I need you to be in a safe, quiet, and private place. And I prefer your hands are free to move, thus a headset and attached microphone. I have found that when clients use Skype the signal is more dependable if they call my land line number using Skype. I’m in the mountains and use a satellite service so Skype to Skype can sometimes be unreliable depending on the weather.  I prefer people call me on my landline directly from Skype or their cell or landline when they can. I’m located near Aspen, Colorado in the US. That would be in Mountain (Denver) time.

Later on if you feel that the sessions are valuable and want a body of them, I can work out a discounted rate if you can pay for a group of sessions at a time. There is flexibility with all this. My preference is that you pay before the session for remote sessions. You can pay via Paypal at the following link:  paypal.me/ShamanWoo

My Value

I charge $150 an hour. I require a two hour session to begin with, which would be $300. If we go over the two hours I do not charge extra. if you sense that working with me could make a difference for you and money is an inhibiting factor, I’m willing to be flexible.

There’s a lot of initial ground to cover (and uncover). Often a series of sessions are beneficial. A series provides commitment and continuity, helping beneficial practices to become embodied.

Hurts that have been embedded for years take intention, practice, and time to heal, but it’s worth doing. Life becomes so much more valuable and meaningful as we free ourselves from the dominance of our wounds and become increasingly skillful at life, at directing ourselves towards love, peace and wonder.

If you feel that the sessions are valuable and want a body of them, I offer 10 hour packages. My preference is that you pay the full amount in advance. You can pay via Paypal at the following link:  paypal.me/ShamanWoo