Robert Woo Du-An

Robert Woo Du-An

My Chinese name, Woo Du-An, was divined at birth in China in the Chinese tradition by a naming astrologer. Woo Du-An means “The Tao of War and Peace,” or “Harmony Within War and Peace”. I’m also known by my American name of Robert Woo, and my recording artist name of Rob Whitesides-Woo.

I offer private sessions by phone across the United States and worldwide, as well as sessions and occasional workshops at my home in the Rocky Mountains near Aspen, Colorado.

I have degrees in theology, music composition, and many years of training and experience in spiritual and meditative disciplines, Chi Kung and T’ai Chi, energetic and psychic healing, and shamanic and spiritual psychology. In addition and as a complement to other modalities and healing practices I am also offering Positive Neuroplasticity Training.

I was born with gifts of insight and healing. And I have personally experienced the realities of healing and transformation: the dissolving, dying, and releasing of wounds and negative identities, and the birthing to the healer at the heart of our being.

My Gifts


When given permission, I have a gift of being able to see into a person’s physical, emotional, and cellular body and memories, and I can help bring warmth, healing, clarity and freedom to the wounded places. In my work there is energetic and spiritual healing involved, as well as a comforting presence of kindness, caring, and loving that invites healing and transformation without force or manipulation.

This quality of gentle compassion renews the life force and leads to a greater sense of wholeness. My work ranges from spiritual to pragmatic, involving an experiential gut and heart process that can open doors to renewed clarity and healing. I also act as a guide for times of change, of loss and grief as well as new opportunities for compassion and joy.

My Art


In my years as a recording artist and composer, I wrote and produced nine successful albums, and was employed by artists and record labels to help artists who wanted to penetrate to a deeper level of their expression, to connect to the soul of who they were and be able to translate that into their work. The level of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing involved to help the artist connect to these levels directly translated into my emergence as a shaman, healer and teacher.

My book, Allowing God ~ Insights to inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of your soul, co-written with Robert G. Novak, is available in soft cover print, e-book and kindle, and Audiobook.

There are times in life when we must shed our sense of identity and meaning, and we are crossing an unknown sea that can be difficult to navigate. I can help with the self-care, the abiding and rediscovery that are necessary for getting to that other shore. Becoming whole is a life-long process, and I see myself as a tool that can help us get on with our lives in the way our loving intended.